From December 2013

Industrial Design meets Visual Dilemma

Industrial Design meets Visual Dilemma

Recently the good people at Triad-Orbit™ reached out to me with an interesting challenge; how do you add visual interest to an object as seemingly banal as a microphone stand?

First off they did a tremendous job of completely re-inventing the traditional mic stand, an object that has not seen any innovation in as long as I can remember.

Being a musician myself, it was not hard to appreciate the thought and detail that went into to these products. I have great respect for innovative Industrial Design. It is quite the challenge to intersect form and function all the while creating a stunning work of art that has practical application.  There are so many objects that we interact with daily that no one has put a second thought into how they could be improved, so it was a refreshing challenge to work with these products and elevate them visually.

Anyone who has ever attempted photographing something reflective and cylindrical knows that reflections can be difficult to work around. At the end of the day you really end up photographing the reflections rather than the objects. This means a lot of technical lighting and big sources with milky highlights. In short “tasty light”.

Some of favorite shots from the shoot: