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Thank you Mr. Ferguson

I’ve got to be honest, I was pretty nervous about the prospect of photographing Attorney General Bob Ferguson. I like to think that over the years I’ve gotten pretty good at learning how to shlep off the usual jitters before a shoot. I still get nervous, which is great, it keeps the job exciting, but this assignment felt a little different, it felt a little heavier.

In case you missed it Bob Ferguson is Washington State’s Attorney General, who within 24 hours filed suit against President Trump’s travel ban, ultimately leading to ban’s pausing and judicial review. Mr. Ferguson also happens to be an internationally rated chess master. Read the Met’s full story here.

As a middle class white guy, I can appreciate that there are a lot of other people more qualified to speak personally about the profound affects of Donald Trump’s Executive Order 13769, so I will spare you my two cents. What I will offer is my sincere gratitude to AG Ferguson for giving me back a little peace of mind and confidence in the legal mechanisms framed in our constitution. So to you Mr. Ferguson, I thank you!

Tearsheet of Bob Ferguson photographed for the Seattle Met June 2017
Bob Ferguson photographed at his Seattle office on April 14, 2017

The Importance of Misbehaving, Richard Thaler

thaler deloitte tearsheet
behavioral economist Richard Thaler, photographed on the grounds of University of Chicago campus
Richard Thaler portrait
behavioral economist Richard Thaler, photographed on the grounds of University of Chicago campus

deloitte cover thailer

Put on your foulies and welcome aboard!

Here at Oliver Ludlow Pictures we shoot a lot of personal work. Why? It gives us the opportunity to risk, to create without restrictions and chase those images that persist in haunting our daydreams. We also do it because it’s fun! So welcome aboard, and please do enjoy our behind the scenes video.

A huge thanks to the our great crew!

Derick Vranizan – Sailor

Taylor Reed – Video/Production

Ezra Salsky – Production Assistant

David Clugston – Key-light Rigger

Casey Nation – Photo Assist

Lonnie Web – Digi Tech

Cara Aeschliman – HMU

Diana Lopez – Casting

Paul LeMarche – Captain, Sailing Seattle


Cliff Hanger – Carleton College “Voice”

It is always a thrill to see your work in print. Especially when it’s a cover!

A few months back we got a call from Carleton College “Voice” magazine, expressing their interest in publishing our images of Miles McDonough as part of an alumni feature.  In addition to our previous work with the Snohomish County Helicopter Rescue Team, we created additional artwork for the back-side of the cover, and a portrait for the feature.

Click here to read the article online.

Check out how we made these grand mountain scenes in our previous two part blog post here: Part 1, and Part 2

oliver ludlow photograph, cover image Carleton College Voice Magazine
Cover image Carleton College “Voice” magazine
cover-backside Carleton College "Voice" Magazine
cover-backside Carleton College “Voice” Magazine
feature story - Carleton College "Voice" magazine
feature story – Carleton College “Voice” magazine
Miles Mcdonough - featured portrait
Miles Mcdonough – featured portrait
Miles McDonough
Miles McDonough
Miles McDonough
Miles McDonough


DeAndre Yedlin for Golazo

Right about this time last year I had the unforgettable experience of working with DeAndre Yedlin for Golazo. Yedlin is an athletic force of reckoning! A unique blend of sheer agility, lightening quickness and raw power; and at the time a humble nineteen year old in his freshman MLS season playing for the city he grew up in. Later that year DeAndre Yedlin would go on to represent the US in the 2014 FIFA World Cup, and subsequently sign a four year contract with the Tottenham Hotspurs in the English Premiere League.







Many thanks to Ian Goode and the crew at Gigantic Squid for the sublime retouching job on this one! Click here to see before and after pics over at Gigantic Squid.

Yedlin retouching

In-store display

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

A parting shot with yours truly.



Retouching – Ian Goode (Gigantic Squid)

Wardrobe and prop styling – Rachel Grunig

Hair and makeup – Jennifer Verador

Photo assist – Casey Nation

Production – Erin Ryan-Peñuela



BTS Mountain Rescue Part 2

Oliver_Ludlow_SCHRT9I had a great time working with and leaning about the Snohomish County Helicopter Rescue Team (SCHRT) during the processes of shooting this series. This elite team is made up almost entirely of volunteers, who donate their time and expertise to provide a critically needed service to this region. Aside from their primary mission to providing rescue/medical assistance to injured and inaccessible persons, they respond to a variety of emergency situations including a search for a lost child, a missing Alzheimer’s patient, a mass casualty event such as a bridge collapse, or even fighting fires.

Because of recent federal funding cuts, this service is in jeopardy of shutting down. Learn more about what you can do to help HERE.


Its never easy pulling a concept like this together that has so many moving pieces.  It is however an exciting moment when the image moves out the catalog of images knocking around in my mind and takes on a life of it’s own.

The real challenge with this picture was to match individual’s elevations and feet placement to the rocky terrain. We used a “family reunion” of apple boxes, wedges, and green cloth to create the form we needed.








A huge thanks to the Snohomish County Helicopter Rescue Team for their cooperation, and to everyone involved; Randy Fay, Miles McDonough, Andrew Toyota, Casey Nation.

BTS Mountain Rescue Part 1


The concept for the the mountain rescue series, really sprung out of the desire to shoot some interesting imagery focused around headlamps. It was also just a great excuse to get into some high country and explore a little more of our breathtaking natural environment here in Washington state.

It’s been my experience that when shooting composite work it is best to shoot the plate shots first. We considered  various locations, but quickly decided that the Sahale Glacier Camp in the North Cascades would give us the kind of vistas we were looking for. It also has the added bonus of being relatively accessible while still offering world class landscapes. To capture the kinds of landscapes we needed, required us to shoot well after sunset and sunrise, for two days. That meant we needed a camp that is accessible enough to hike in all our camping equipment and camera gear. It’s incredible how quickly camera gear gets heavy when your backpacking.

stehekin valley

Looking out across the Stehekin Valley, upper left shows Sahale Glacier and Peak.

sahale glacier camp

sahale glacier camp 1

Our kit got heavy quick once we added climbing gear, camera equipment, camping supplies and food for two days. Considering all our other weight requirements we decided to pack only freeze dried food. My assistant Casey Nation is camouflaged in by the rocks.

sahale glacier tripop


The quality of views from the Glacier were awe inspiring, day and night!


Oliver Ludlow Casey Nation

Part 2 of the post coming up, where we get some help from the Snohomish County Helicopter Rescue Team…