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Thank you Mr. Ferguson

I’ve got to be honest, I was pretty nervous about the prospect of photographing Attorney General Bob Ferguson. I like to think that over the years I’ve gotten pretty good at learning how to shlep off the usual jitters before a shoot. I still get nervous, which is great, it keeps the job exciting, but this assignment felt a little different, it felt a little heavier.

In case you missed it Bob Ferguson is Washington State’s Attorney General, who within 24 hours filed suit against President Trump’s travel ban, ultimately leading to ban’s pausing and judicial review. Mr. Ferguson also happens to be an internationally rated chess master. Read the Met’s full story here.

As a middle class white guy, I can appreciate that there are a lot of other people more qualified to speak personally about the profound affects of Donald Trump’s Executive Order 13769, so I will spare you my two cents. What I will offer is my sincere gratitude to AG Ferguson for giving me back a little peace of mind and confidence in the legal mechanisms framed in our constitution. So to you Mr. Ferguson, I thank you!

Tearsheet of Bob Ferguson photographed for the Seattle Met June 2017
Bob Ferguson photographed at his Seattle office on April 14, 2017

Dirty Glass and Tanzanian Skies

Dan Doctoroff for the Deloitte Review


When the Deloitte Review assignment to photograph Sidewalk Labs CEO Dan Doctoroff landed, we knew up front that access to Dan would be a challenge.  Like most people whose resume includes titles such as Deputy mayor of NYC, and former CEO and Director of Bloomberg LP, Dan’s time is highly managed. Not surprisingly, we were granted 30 minutes with Doctoroff at his Sidewalk Labs office in the glistening new 10 Hudson Yards high rise located in Chelsea.

Sidelwalk labs is reimagining how technology can impact the way we live in cities. It was critical to me that we found a way to portray Dan as a visionary, boldly paving the way to a new future in city living. The real challenge for us was how do we connect Dan to the city while being confined in an office, a situation made worse by the fact that the partially finished building’s windows were recently installed and streaked with dirt and grime.  The solution – clamp on 3 stops of ND, crank open the aperture and let a shallow depth of field blur the widows for a background plate, then massage in a dreamy sky from my recent honeymoon in Tanzania.

A portrait of Dan Doctoroff at his NYC Sidewalk Labs office
Dan Doctoroff for the Deloitte review


a portrait of Dan Doctoroff for the Deloitte Review
Dan Doctoroff for the Deloitte Review

The Two Sides of Brett Hamil

It was a lot of fun to shoot this concept for Jane Sherman at the Seattle Met. Jane’s concept was to illustrate Brett’s faceted career as a standup comic and political talk show host. For this composite shot we worked with Brett to find a few expressions that felt authentic to his comedy and had him repeat these looks for both wardrobe changes, a tough ask but Brett displayed no small amount of patience throughout the process. Huge thanks to my crew Jenny and Meg for helping bring this concept to life.

Client: Seattle Met
Subject: Brett Hamil
HMU: Jenny Verador
Wardrobe/Styling: Meg Schmitt

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The Importance of Misbehaving, Richard Thaler

thaler deloitte tearsheet
behavioral economist Richard Thaler, photographed on the grounds of University of Chicago campus
Richard Thaler portrait
behavioral economist Richard Thaler, photographed on the grounds of University of Chicago campus

deloitte cover thailer

Cliff Hanger – Carleton College “Voice”

It is always a thrill to see your work in print. Especially when it’s a cover!

A few months back we got a call from Carleton College “Voice” magazine, expressing their interest in publishing our images of Miles McDonough as part of an alumni feature.  In addition to our previous work with the Snohomish County Helicopter Rescue Team, we created additional artwork for the back-side of the cover, and a portrait for the feature.

Click here to read the article online.

Check out how we made these grand mountain scenes in our previous two part blog post here: Part 1, and Part 2

oliver ludlow photograph, cover image Carleton College Voice Magazine
Cover image Carleton College “Voice” magazine
cover-backside Carleton College "Voice" Magazine
cover-backside Carleton College “Voice” Magazine
feature story - Carleton College "Voice" magazine
feature story – Carleton College “Voice” magazine
Miles Mcdonough - featured portrait
Miles Mcdonough – featured portrait
Miles McDonough
Miles McDonough
Miles McDonough
Miles McDonough


Adventure Kayak Magazine: Kiliii Fish


oliver ludlow adventure kayak AKv14i2-1


Earlier this year Virginia Marshall, editor of Adventure Kayak Magazine approached me to use one of my images of Kiliii Fish. So I thought this would be a great opportunity to reflect on how these images came to life!

Kiliii Fish is just one of those people who when you meet for the first time you instantly want to know more about. He has a frenetic and thoughtful presence, and a wealth of knowledge to share about all things outdoors. Combine that our mutual love of being on the water and photography and we hit it off from the start.

“Skin on frame kayak builder, photographer, filmmaker, expedition kayaker, climber, musician, wilderness survival instructor, and primitive skills guide — if we had to put a label on Kiliii Fish, it might be outdoor adventure Renaissance man.”  – Adventure Kayak

My approach to creating images always starts with a clear vision of what I want to create; and these images were burned into my mind’s retina long before any shutters clicked. Crafting that mental image and deconstructing it’s visual language is personally the most enjoyable part of the process. Getting down to the details of realizing that vision, is where the work starts.

These images were shot at Ruby Beach on the west coast of Washington State. From the beginning I knew I wanted to use the stunning Sea Stacks of the Washington Coast as a backdrop and to give context to the images. That presented a number of logistical challenges. I chose to shoot the images at a time when a low-tide would give the sea stacks the most dramatic impact. Finding a suitable shoot day when that low-tide would coincide with soft evening light was the key to pulling the whole image together.

You can view the entire digital edition of the magazine online here:


Here are a couple more images captured that day:

kiliii fish oliver ludlow photography 2

kiliii fish oliver ludlow photography 1